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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Do you guys offer financing?

A: Yes we do. We offer financing through quite a few different companies and we are always looking for more companies to offer from as well. We also offer a leasing program!

Q: What are your labor rates?

A: Our labor rates are 100$ an hour OR $70 every half hour for emergency rates.

Q: How much is it to change a tire?

A: Text 478-757-3600 for a quote, specify front /rear or both, the year and the model.

tube, rin band or rim lock may be required

We also have a $5 tire disposal fee.

Extra charges may apply for Goldwings and full fairing bikes with additional accessories.

Q: Do you guys offer a full service?

A: YES! We do offer a full service and that will start at $150 plus the cost of oil, oil filter and any other parts required to complete the service. Prices vary depending on the unit which also varies the work done in the service. Call or text ask for more details 478-757-3600!

Q: Do you offer Dyno tunes?

A: Yes we do. Prices may vary. Dyno tunes start at $200.

Q: Are you able to cover my vehicle under an extended warranty program even if I don't buy the unit from you?

A: In some cases, yes. Your unit would come in for an inspection and If it meets the criteria.

Q: If I wanted to customize my unit, could you get all the parts and do the work, too?

A: YES AND YES! We are able to get our hands on OEM and Aftermarket parts to offer you a variety of options for optimizing your look and performance of your unit. Our technicians are ready to help you obtain your dream of finally having a unit that matches your personality.

Q: I want a side by side and have a four wheeler that I would like to trade. Do you accept trades?

A: Yes we do. We would require you to bring the unit up so our mechanics can take a look at it so we can give you a fair price. We want to get you the best deal possible and help you leave with the unit you really want! We require a $150 inventory charge for even trades.

Q: I've heard you guys have the cheapest tire prices in town. Is that true?

A: As far as we know, we offer the widest selection of tires at the lowest prices in town. We carry Shinko and Michelin in stock but can order any type of tire and have them in within the week. Most of the time, we will even beat internet prices!

Q: All of the units you sell are used. Why should I feel comfortable about my purchase through you?

A: Every unit we receive, we go over and make sure that they run up to our standards. Inspection, Service and test rides are done before we place them out for sale. We aren't going to place you on a unit that is going to fall apart the moment you leave or a month down the road. Also, if you purchase a unit that we worked on, it comes with a 30 day warranty on the work done. We can also sell you extended warranties! We keep our prices low so you can ride off on the unit of your choice. We are not here to build houses in your wallets.

Q: I'm not too sure what motorcycle I should get since I have never ridden one before in my life. Do you have someone knowledgeable on the units to the extent of being able to put me on the perfect bike for ME?

A: Our sales department is very knowledgeable on the units we have whether you are a seasoned rider or a beginner. They will be able to sit and ask you questions to not only figure out what kind of bike is best for you but also they work with you to figure out what kind of bike you're looking for. 

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