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MOOSE RACINGRS-16 E-Bike - Agroid - Balance 

  • Electric e-balance bike designed for children

  • Provides an entry level riding platform for children 8 years and older to learn how to ride a bike using a twist style throttle

  • RS-16 has 3 speed settings: Level 1, 2 and 3 with up to 5, 7, and 11 mph accordingly

  • The Agroid RS-16 uses a brushless high output 18V4Ah electric motor with a metal frame

  • Uses 16” wheels and pneumatic tires along with adjustable seat and handlebars to provide a proper fitment for the rider

  • Simple push button start/stop and speed mode control to adjust for the child to start out slow and work up to the faster settings once they have a good understanding of how to control the bike

  • Twist throttle teaches the child how to learn throttle control and braking to advance their skills

  • For use for children 8 years and older up to 132 lb (60 kg)

  • Electric motor requires low maintenance and can be recharged within four hours using the quick disconnect battery charger

  • Power efficiency plus 30%

  • Auto-protection for motor and controller

  • Compact Li-ion battery with 30-50 minute rune time

  • 45-60 minute charge time; battery charger included

  • Image of bike provided includes red graphic kit #4302-6736, sold separately.

  • Electric e-balance bike designed for children

Electric bicycles help you ride farther and faster than you would on a traditional bicycle

ONLY $799.95

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